Like the Apostles... In communion withe Christ who sends us

“Have among yourselves the same attitude that is also yours in Christ Jesus, Who, though he was in the form of God...”(Ph 2, 5...). “An essential characteristic of missionary spirituality is intimate communion with Christ. We cannot understand or carry out the mission unless we refer it to Christ as the one who was sent to evangelize” (John Paul II, Redemptoris mission, No 88).

“When our divine Master, by his example and his words, gave his first instructions to his disciples, he took twelve of them, whom he sent to carry out a first attempt at mission. He chose them, gave them special instructions and sent them out” (De Brésillac, Retreat to missionaries, p. 20). Jesus gives us a good example of doing the will of the Father who sent him, even though it included some difficulties (Phil 2:1-11). Here we see that God is very generous is glorifying His servant who had humbled Himself to do the will of the sender even when it meant facing painful moments and even death. Bishop Bresillac gives us an example of awareness of being sent by God, and of doing everything to do the will of the sender, not his own, even when it involves some difficulties. When we pray for his canonisation, we believe that the generous Lord is granting him generously the reward of sainthood in heaven. We also believe that those who have been granted the privilege of working in the missionary farm of the same Lord may always remember to labour in accordance and in communion to the order of our sender.

QUESTION: What points / situations are most difficult in my / our life that prevent me from being in a true communion and accordance of life with Jesus and follow him as did the Apostles after Pentecost? (Fr James Shimbala)

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