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"There are many others things that Jesus did..."

“There are also many other things that Jesus did, but if these were to be described individually, I do not think the whole world would contain the books that would be written” (Jn 21 : 25).

The written document cannot narrate and elucidate all the activities of Jesus. We are sent back to Jesus Himself (Note l de la TOB).
“Can we understand, Lord, all the riches of your Word?ˮ It is much more than what escapes us or what we try to understand. The Lord has hidden in his Word all the treasures so that each of us finds riches in the Word he contemplates’ (St. Ephrem).

« … Permit me to give you the advice of seeking less to hear all these words (the words of Word of God) that to have one of them penetrate deeply. Keep to the one which will speak most to your heart and do not stop before Jesus…will have said to you in your hearts all that it pleases him to say. For me, I will try especially to fix your attention on those words which he addressed to his disciples and to his Apostles in circumstances similar to those in which we now find ourselves” (De Brésillac, Retreat to missionaries, p. 24).

“It is enough to live just one Word to become holy. In fact, looking at the life of the saints, we can affirm that they lived one Word from the Gospel and this word shone throughout their life. Francis of Assisi married Mrs Poverty, Philip Neri is the saint of joy. Theresa of the Child Jesus chose to be the love. And we could continue…It is enough to allow ourselves to be well penetrated with a single Word, that is the advice of our Founder.
Since many years, a word from St. Irenaeus accompany me and guide my apostolate: “The glory of God is man alive.ˮ The creation of a Nutritional Centre for the recuperation of many malnourished children (and orphans) of our zone gets its inspiration from this Key-Word.
All began on the 2 Dec, 2008 (the day of the anniversary of the birthday of de Bresillac). I was told that a young woman had just died while giving birth to children. According to the Gourmanché customs, the two orphan twins are considered as evil children because they are responsible for the death of their mother. Having explored the possible solutions, I found myself in the moral obligation to be in charge of the situation. That was how the idea of the creation of the Nutritional Centre in Bomoanga began. In this little structure, this year, we have seen over 90 malnourished children for a time more or less long for recuperation. To finish the story: presently, the twins are in class One in the Bomoanga Mission Primary School for the great glory of God. Life has triumph over death and traditional prejudices!
On the day of priestly ordination, we all chose a Word-Guide as logo of our missionary ministry. A word that we have adopted as a light for the way of our life.
Question: Is it still the light which guides and lightens my steps?ˮ

Pier Luigi Maccalli SMA Italie. Niger