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The Centre Brésillac, or the Abomey-Calavi International Spiritual Year in Benin, is currently being invested by the Delegation of the Districts-in-Formation, Regions and Formation houses of the Society of African Missions to upgrade or to coordinate knowledge in accounting and finances.

Thus, 29 participants were present, including five facilitators, namely Fathers François de Paul, the General Councilor, Didier Lawson, the Econome General, Vincent Fuchs, the Econome of the Province of Lyon, Malachy Flanagan, the Econome of the Province of Ireland, Fabien Sognon, the Superior of the DFGG and Emmanuel Zinsu, the Econome of DF Nigeria respectively.

The meeting opened on the evening of October 4th with the word of welcome of the General Councilor as well as the presentation of the programs of activities and the working groups. The following day, October 5th, saw the entry into the heart of the matter with the presentations of Fr. François de Paul on Ethics and Deontology in Finance. Then Emmanuel Zinsu, based on the SMA texts, presented the Role of the Econome in the SMA. The day ended with a summary of the Financial Directory of the SMA by Fr. Didier.

On October 6th, we received a visit from Mrs Fernande DEGILA, Responsible for the Accounting Department of a company based in West Africa and headquartered in Benin, MAPCOM. The General Principles of Compatibility were discussed. Among other things, she insisted on the need to have a chart of accounts and to work accordingly, the need to make regular bank reconciliation. This day ended with accounting entries developed by Fr. Didier

Also the following day, October 7th, this concept extended to Budget Management with Mrs. Chantal Lawson, Administrative and Financial Director at UNIPHART s.a of the CFAO group in Togo. It was with this heavy luggage that we started the weekend. This beautiful weekend was also marked with a football match, between the visitors and the locals, that is, the economes facing the students of the house. This match resulted in the narrow victory by the students of a goal to two (1-2).

Finally, on Sunday Ocotber 8th, we immersed ourselves in the history of the Kings of the Palace of Abomey located at 120 km from Cotonou. In Abomey, in the Fon kingdom with immortals like the Behanzin, Glélé and Ghezo kings, to name but a few, we walked in the footsteps of Fr. Borgehro, the untiring and undaunted pioneer of the evangelization of Dahomey. We stopped in Bohicon to see the old parish (Saint Francis of Assisi) where Fr. Moriceau, now a formator at the Brésillac Center, was pastor for 9 years.

The session, which is still in progress, will continue until Saturday, 14 October.

After the break and the Sunday excursion, the participants resumed the work, beginning with examining the notion of the Budget with Fr. Malachy Flanagan. This served as a basis for the work at groupwork.

The following day, October 10, we returned to the question of the Income Statement and the Financial Statement with Fr. Vincent Fuchs, before letting us discover the world of Investments with p. Malachy Flanagan. This delicate question, which requires a great deal of tact and foresight, has nevertheless emerged as a necessity. It requires, in fact, a preliminary preparation. Concrete proposals and examples were given to help each other. Dfs are called upon to innovate by taking in account of differnet opportunities in their respective countries.

October 11, Fathers Vincent and Malachy spoke to us about the Audits and how to prepare for the audits. Then Fr. Didier presented a Summary of the Solidarity Fund and Evangelization Fund. The afternoon of Wednesday was given free for those who would like to make visits to the families of the amicale and at the same time to give little relaxation to the brain.

The 12th of October began with a minute of silence in memory of Fr. Pius Afiabor, followed by a presentation of the Accounts of the Third Parties by Fr. Fabien Sognon. Then, Fr. C. J. Antony gave an overview of the financial realities in relation to the laws of India. The registration of the District-in-formation India as a charitable organization has entailed complications. Jerson, from the Philippines supported the same approach to present the situation in his country. As a non-profit and church organization, the Philippines Entity still enjoys exemption from taxes; But for how long ? Emmanuel Zinsu has been interested in the rights and duties of employees who call for the elaboration of clear contracts and in accordance with the laws of the country. The Econome must ensure that everything is done in accordance with the laws in force in his country.

In the afternoon, Emmanuel Zinsu returned to the question of the Goods, but especially on their protection by regular inventories and plans followed by restructuring or amortization of the goods. Fr. Vincent presented the International Missionary Service, abbreviated EMI. He took the opportunity to invite the Entity officials to register and regularly update the lists to avoid loss and confusion. The preferential option of SMAs in Africa remains 4B. Fr. Didier concluded the day with a clarification on the solidarity funds and other funds created for the good of the mission.

Friday 13th began with the reminder of the need to account before 31 December 2017 for the management of the various funds received, in particular from the construction fund. Then we discussed about the proposal of a team of confreres to help implement the provisions of the Financial Board. The next topic concerned information related to the preparation of the General Assembly 2019. Finally, the evaluation focused on the merits of the session and the invitation to organize them in the future with particular interest in practical exercises on finance and accounting.

The Closing Mass was presided over by Fr. Dider and saw the participation of the Students and the formators of the Centre Brésillac.



  Firmin k. Kouassi,

 Econome Liberia Région.