“For we do not preach ourselves but Jesus Christ as Lord, and ourselves as your slaves for the sake of Jesus” (2 Cor. 4:5).

"The apostolic mission, which has been spoken of in context, is presented as a light that has previously illuminated the hearts of the Apostles so that they in turn seek to make it shine through the preaching to the whole world. The apostolate is light because the Apostles do not preach themselves but the Gospel "(Cipriani).

“I come to you with the holy Gospel in my hand. I desire that, during this retreat, this divine book be constantly under our eyes and that we consider the truths that it contains as being addressed by Jesus Christ in person speaking directly to us” (de Brésillac, Retreat to missionaries, p. 24).

“In the work of evangelization of rural areas in Africa we are often confronted to the issues of development. How can we proclaim Jesus Christ to people that are denied of the basic commodity of life? How can we join them in striving to improve upon the quality of life? The answers to these questions lead us to be committed into some humanitarian actions In favour of the population that welcome us as missionaries. We are tempted to ask ourselves if our humanitarian actions are not in reality a disguised proselytism.

Since 2014 I am in Foya, a rural area of Lofa County in Liberia where issues of local development is accurate. My parishioners reproach me often to engage them in some humanitarian projects at the benefits of Non-Catholics. “What does it do when we know that the beneficiaries will not become Catholics as we are” they say. I respond to them “In your midst I do my best for you to know Jesus better and better to pervade your life and transform it. However, the humanitarian projects addressed to all (Catholics and none) are the expression of our commitment as Christian community to serve Jesus through these people in need. Jesus himself say: “Whatsoever you did to the least of my brethren you did it onto me.”(Mt 25: 40)”. Jubilee of Mercy made us to meditate a lot on Mt 25: 31-46 and the Works of Mercy.

So our commitment in humanitarian actions far from being a disguised proselytism is a militancy of faith in order to serve Jesus Christ whom we proclaim and which is configured to the peoples who receive us especially the neediest.”

Eric Aka SMA
Ivory Coast. Liberia