Kwama's mission in Sierra Leone is about 45 kilometers from Freetown. It is located in the Eastern part of the Archdiocese of Freetown and it is the last mission of the Archdiocese of Freetown sharing border with Makeni diocese. It can be described as a "primary evangelization area." Thus, it corresponds well to the orientation of our founder, Bishop Marion de Brésillac, who willed the charism and consequently the mission of his Society of Apostolic life to be geared towards "the most abandoned" and those who need the gospel the most. It includes the main Kwama outstation where we reside, with a beautiful church, an important other outstation which is Newton and a multitude of small communities or villages, about fourteen scattered around. The population is predominantly Muslims. The Christian community is mostly very young.

We started our mission on November 18, 2012, living in a small rented house, in a beautiful village environment of simplicity. The first team was formed of Fathers Bruno, David and Amaldass. Kwama's mission is part of the Immaculate Conception Parish of Waterloo which has eleven outstations. Kwama's mission was also undertaken by the SMA to respond to our founder's ardent desire to build a shrine dedicated to Our Lady. We had acquired a land of about 7 hectares by donation. We try to secure it through farming cassava, corn and cucumber. With the arrival of Father Francis Patrikson from India, we built the rectory on a former foundation of 4 rooms. We did an extension to have two offices. We try to discover the nearby villages and the communities.

In September 2013, we had the cholera epidemic. In March 2014, the Ebola virus struck our country Sierra Leone. We began raising awareness for prevention by asking people to avoid the consumption of bush meats, fruits eaten by bats, and to regularly wash their hands ...As the situation became worst, we decided to involve ourselves more; On September 15, 2014, we brought water to people in quarantine homes at Port Loko, Monkey bush, Campbell town. This sad situation pushed us to act when we see people suffering or dying without help. So, we took the commitment and risk of assisting the sick with our land cruiser in order to get them out of the communities to receive care in medical centers. We carried food to people quarantined for 21 days without supplies. Yes, people were in agony, but our worry was to help them to die in dignity, as human beings. We constructed a care center to help the victims to get relief. Glory be to God, in June 2016 Ebola ended. But in August 2016 we had flood in Freetown and our land for the Shrine here in kwama was taken by the government to rehabilitate the flood victims. In august 2017, we had flooding and landslide in Freetown. We gave our little support also.

Though we are in charge of two communities, Kwama and Newton, we are also helping the parish with four communities Campbelltown, Macdonald, Tombo and John Obey. From time to time we preach retreats to religious groups, priests and seminarians. Fr. David is chaplain of Night of Marshal and Fr. Valery acts as Secretary for Catechism commission of Freetown. We are trying to get the land of 20 hectares at John Obey a village along the peninsula in view of establishing a new shrine.

We are inviting you to visit our Facebook page: SMA FATHERS, SIERRA LEONE for more information. We are very happy in this mission. Nothing is greater than to feel useful to the most suffering, the most abandoned. May God help us in this mission of presence, witness and service!


Rev. Père Valery Aguh, SMA.

Kwama - Freetown - Sierra-Leone