There is no and there will not be a Society of African Missions without Africa unless the Society changes the very essence of what it is.

The SMA was created for Africa and not Africa for the Society of African Missions.

Africa, our hope, remains at the heart of the SMA. "We have been created for the service of Africa and for Africans." The well-being of Africa and Africans, especially the most abandoned, is the joy of the Church as of the SMA. Indeed, the Good News is addressed to the whole person in his socio-cultural environment.

In creating man, God has written in his heart the desire to seek the good and his well-being. Man was created to praise God and to participate in his Love. The SMA is a congregation that transforms and gives comfort and hope to the one in his charge. Africa would remain Africa without the African Missions but the SMA would not be the SMA without Africa.

Africa gives meaning to the SMA and the SMA is linked to Africa. The Society of African Missions is a pure potentiality realized by Africa which gives it its ultimate reason to be. God does not choose who wants to serve, salvation is for all. Everyone is called to participate in the work of salvation. The SMA mission in Africa is vast today, it is based on the needs of Africa and the peoples of Africa.

"It seems that" the time of Africa "has come, a favourable time that urges the messengers of Christ to go into deep waters and to let go of the nets for fishing (Lk 5: 4) ... Today, the Church in Africa, joyful and grateful for having received the faith, must pursue its evangelizing mission, in order to lead the peoples of this continent to the Lord: "go and teach them all what I have prescribed (Mt 28, 20)."

To be a missionary from the bottom of his heart, an SMA must witness the mission of Christ in Africa and all over the world where there are Africans.

The mission that the SMA has received involves Africa and its new challenges today. Because Africa is what we are and what we will always be: "God's redeeming love embraces the whole of humanity, ethnic groups, peoples and nations, including all the peoples of Africa. Divine Providence desired that this Africa be present during the passion of Christ in the person of Simon of Cyrene, urged by the Roman soldiers to carry the cross of the Lord. (Mk 15, 21)

Africa is for the Society of African Missions what the heart is for the body. The SMA missionaries of our time are called to face all the challenges that Africa is facing. To separate Africa from the SMA is to condemn to death the Society of African Missions.

Kipoy Luwesi Jean-Chirsostome, SMA