"Young people have false images of Jesus that often causes them to not to be attracted to him. They have an erroneous view of the Christian model, and therefore of its rules, which seems to keep ordinary people away. Thus, for some, Christianity is perceived as unreachable".

     (Final document of the Pre-Synod of Youth, in / article / Category / Synods-bishops / accessed March 26, 2018.)

I dedicate this book to young people looking for guidelines to build a just and fraternal world. It is only in Jesus Christ that the love received becomes oblative and not possessive.

The transformation of the world takes place only when we bring elements of change from within. There is no other way to improve our reputation than to begin to behave ourselves. There is hidden power in the youth that can enable them to excel at doing well. This chapter aims to invite young people to trust them, to use the potentialities they have to bring about change. This is not a call to lament, but to the recovery of the head. We invite young people to prove that they are not as bad as many seniors think. They can participate responsibly in improving the life of society.