foundation day in lyon articleOn December 8, 2019, the foundation of Society of African missions was celebrated in Lyon, France. The people from outside were invited to join us on this day. The foundation day celebration began with the holy Eucharistic celebration by Fr. Krzysztof Pachut the general councilor. The provincial Superior introduced the general councilor to the crowd and thus we began the holy mass.

During his homily Fr. Krzysztof Pachut shared the importance of love of God and about the pain of sins. And he continued to say the gift of Mary in the salvation history, He said,“The attitude of Mary changes absolutely everything! Her simplicity, humility and trust in God are the result of an attitude of listening and openness. Certainly, here is the work of extraordinary grace. But even this grace needs Mary's answer!foundation day in lyon peopel

In the words she pronounces we can find this desire to seek God first. The fact that she received the call can mean her concern to respect the word given (to Joseph), to respect the commandments of God, the tradition, the family ... She does not look for her comfort, her position, her place. She remains attentive to the rest of the message, open and confident. Even, if all that happens in her life. The magnificat proves that it is God who is in the center in her life. It is not herself. His words, his dialogue with God are the opposite of the words and dialogue of Adam with God!

We, the SMA family, blow this year 163rd candle. The Immaculate Mary accompanies us from the first day of our existence as the SMA missionary family. We live and function in a world that is increasingly fragmented at the social, political, national, international, family and ecclesial level. And even in our own SMA family which, at least at the level of structures, has just fragmented even more! How to live and function in a world where realities and people are moving away from each other?

Throughout its history the SMA family witnessed the great moments that have marked the history of the world and the Church. She herself lived with great intensity and sometimes with some difficulty. Many of you were eyewitnesses to it. We had the courage to make extraordinary and courageous decisions (as in AG 1983 with the opening of new entities). The choices made at this time bear fruit today. Currently, we are experiencing a period that seems to be quite "disturbed". the last GA has made the decisions that require above all (apart from the structural changes) the change of our thinking, to conceive and carry out the mission entrusted to us today as part of our charism. This requires commitment at the level of the structures, certainly, but they are only a tool! What will be crucial is the personal work that each of us and everyone at their own level and according to their own abilities and possibilities will provide. God, through the venerable servant of God Mgr. Melchior Marion Brésillac, offered us a tool - it's the SMA. He puts many hands together - it's the SMA family: priests and laity, as well as those with whom we share the same story and passion for mission - our Sisters OLA and MCSCJ. We are not alone! Never forget that.”

He encouraged us to go forward with all our difficulties in our mission, In the history of the SMA we have never missed authentic prophets. In our ranks there are those who have made history. We still remember it today! They were great missionaries, great witnesses, and true prophets. And that’s why they are great! Because they built many chapels, churches, hospitals or schools? No! They were great because they were genuine, they had the courage to get out of their comfort zone and go in search of the man called with the voice of God, where are you, Adam? They knew how to translate, through concrete actions, the love of God into the authentic love of man.

Are we brave enough / brave enough to do the same today? Will we be, once again, the prophetic sowers of hope?

With meaningful celebration, we continued the feast with fraternal meal


Charles SMA